It’s time to reveal a secret – taking brings fleeting pleasure, giving cultivates long-lasting joy. 

That revelation was a game-changer for Chibs.  He rarely feels as fulfilled as when he guides a Community meditation on his beloved Maroubra Beach, or when he gives talks on mental health, or when he teams up with his partners in crime Fitbysix for charity fundraisers.  

Giving back is an important part of his personal mental health regimen, and he encourages everyone to find an opportunity to do the same. We all have a talent or ability that can be used to improve the lives of others.

Each day at 8.45 am Sydney Time, Chibs does a free 10-minute meditation Live on Instagram.  If you aren’t able to catch it live, the meditation will be posted onto IGTV. Go to Chibs’s Instagram Page and turn on notifications so you never miss a meditation!

The Free Fight-or-Flight to Equilibrium 7-Day Challenge is a scientifically-backed Mindfulness Meditation course based on The University of Massachusetts Medical School Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. 

You will focus on a different aspect of mindfulness each day, and you will meditate for 10 minutes. 

As the challenge goes on, you might notice that you feel more relaxed, with heightened awareness, increased creativity, more resilience, and more peace and ease. 

The research has shown that only 10 minutes a day of meditation over 25 days was enough to strengthen positive emotions, reduce stress, increase self-compassion and increase focus. 

This 7-day challenge is a terrific starting point and will be enough for you to notice a real difference. Whether you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, distracted or emotionally reactive, or you suffer from poor sleep or chronic pain, or perhaps you just want to become more present and enjoy your life that little bit more, this course will help.


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