Mindfulness Meditation in the Workplace

With 24/7 business cycles and the requirement for high performance at a sustainable level, organisations must recognise the psychological needs of the employee to prevent stress and improve Wellbeing.

Chibs has ten years of experience working in corporations holding positions such as Sales Manager, Human Resources Manager and Recruitment Manager. He has 12 years of experience as a CEO, owning and running multi-million dollar businesses. He holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology. 

Chibs has studied the theory and witnessed first-hand the difficulties of focusing solely on organisational structure and executive training.

Work-Related Stress

Chronic work-related stress not only harms the individual; it hurts the organisation and reduces employee engagement.

Over four decades of research has shown that mindfulness training increases productivity, emotional intelligence, improves communication between peers and subordinates and improves organisational morale.

Research also shows a reduction in missed workdays, staff turnover, and healthcare costs.

Unlike most trainers in the mindfulness space, Chibs has lived, he lives, and he loves the corporate and entrepreneurial life. He can connect with, inspire and encourage the individual or team. He appreciates the mindset of high-achievement and believes that success need not be at the expense of mental health and wellbeing.

Employee Engagement

Chibs’s popular Mindfulness at Work Program comprises a short introduction to mindfulness meditation workshop, followed by a weekly half-hour stress-management meditation session.

The Wild Mind at Work Program is a four-week course where Chibs will teach your employees to meditate and manage their stress. The Wild Mind at Work Program is similar to the Wild Mind Meditation Program, with more emphasis on stress-reduction, productivity-enhancement, and employee engagement.

If your organisation has unique requirements, Chibs and his team can build a meditation course or workshop from scratch.


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