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Good Deed Crew

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Maroubra Wellness Saturdays is a free weekly community event run by the Good Deed Crew to promote good health, social connection and a positive mind-set. Beachside meditation, Bootcamp and Yoga attract a cross-section of the community each week, helping to form healthy habits and new friendships.

What is it?
Choose between either Yoga or Bootcamp next to the Maroubra Beach skate park, then gather together on the beach for group meditation, all this for a completion of a good deed! Afterwards, connect with the community over coffee/breakfast at the North End Cafe.

Every Saturday morning, members of the Good Deed Crew run a community wellness event at the gorgeous Maroubra Beach and, in exchange, ask participants to complete a good deed in their community and post it on social media (and tag the Good Deed Crew) to encourage more good deeds.

Who is it?

The Good Deed Crew are a group of wellness experts who donate their skills, expertise and time to help forge a stronger, cleaner and more connected community.

The Good Deed Crew donate their time at no cost in exchange for participants either completing a good deed in their community and posting it on social media to encourage more good deeds.

Why are we doing it?

The goal is to begin a snowball effect of positivity, good deeds, gratitude, connection and wellness in the Maroubra community, with a vision of spreading this to other communities for the greater good.

When do we do it? 

Every Saturday, choose from the following:

7.30 am – Boot Camp OR Yoga – Maroubra Skate Park
8.30 am – Meditation – Maroubra Beach

Where is it?

Bootcamp and Yoga – located on the grassy area on the southern side of Maroubra Skate Park.

Meditation – located on the beach adjacent to Maroubra Skate Park.

Parking – the beach car park at the northern end of Maroubra Skate Park

How do I attend?

Do a good deed within the local community (post about it on Instagram and tag us)

This gives you total access to Meditation and either Bootcamp or Yoga.

– Sign waiver (link in Instagram bio

– arrive 5 mins before your desired session begins, ready to move

What is a good deed?

– pick up rubbish at the beach/park

– paint someone’s fence

– cut up some oranges to bring to Bootcamp

– bake a cake and bring it with you

– bring excess samples from your work or a supplier that you can share with the group

– help someone less fortunate

– assist someone crossing the road

– offer your services within the community

What do I bring?

– drink bottle

– towel

– exercise mat

– a smile

Who can attend?

Anyone of any fitness level, no experience required. Children will need 100% parent supervision.

Who are the Good Deed Crew?

The Good Deed Crew is a collaboration of the following people and businesses:

Chibs Okereke

Joel Costello 

Jerone Fleming 

Luke Jacobz

J’Escapes Wellness Events 


Airborne Studio

What happens afterwards? 

To grow a strong connection in our community and support local business, we will gather for coffee/breakfast at the North End Cafe after meditation.


Can I bring friends?

Yes – they will need a ticket and will also need to sign the waiver.

Can I swap between yoga and bootcamp on alternate weeks?

Yes – choose your own adventure.

Can I just turn up for meditation?

Yes – but we highly encourage you to come and move (yoga or Bootcamp) with the group beforehand, but this is not required.

Do I have to stay for meditation?

No –  but we highly encourage you to come and calm the nerves and busy mind after your movement session.

What if I don’t have a ticket?

We will kindly ask you to log on to our Humanitix page (link in Instagram bio) and register one BEFORE jumping into a session.

What if I haven’t signed the waiver?

We will kindly ask you to click on the link in our bio BEFORE jumping into a session.



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