Meditation Every Tuesday at 6pm

*** Classes begin again in February, email hello@chibs.co to be alerted about start dates

Heart Space Manor Urban Retreat

Nestled in the Heart of Bondi Junction, Chibs’s resident Heart Space Manor is the home of Holistic Events, Workshops, Seminars, Practitioners and more.

Their mission is to create a safe, creative and supportive space for the community where like-minded people can meet, grow and learn.

Weekly Meditation Drop-In Class

De-stress, manage your emotions and calm the chatter in your head.

Join Chibs Okereke at Heart Space Manor, Bondi Junction each Tuesday at 6.00 pm, for a relaxing guided mindfulness meditation session. Suitable for all levels of experience, but particularly good for those with little or no experience of meditation (if you are a beginner, feel free to come along 10 minutes earlier and Chibs will give you some one-on-one coaching, otherwise stick around at the end and he can give you some extra time afterwards).

We will meditate for half an hour, but it will feel like a lot less. After the session, you are free to leave and continue your evening less stressed, with less uncomfortable emotions and a quieter mind. For those who would like to stay behind and learn more about meditation, there will be plenty of time for sharing and discussion.

Chibs conducted his teacher-training through The Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, so his meditations are grounded in science and have proven benefits for mental health and performance. The language he uses is simple, straightforward, accessible, and easy to relate to.

You are welcome to sit on a chair, or a cushion, or relax and unwind lying down on a mat.


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