No-nonsense meditation for guys

Chibs is the co-creator of the Meditation App Mind Mechanic. 

Mind Mechanic is here to give men’s mental health a kick in the pants with straightforward meditation that really works to help guys be more chilled and get the most out of life.

Why should you meditate? Because it works, it’s convenient and is so simple even your old grandpa could do it.

Easy to learn – Whether you’ve never meditated before, or you’re a total guru, Mind Mechanic will tune into your life with a range of audio meditations, with option of an accompanying 360 immersive video (for those who like to watch).

Master your own destiny – Well, maybe not quite yet, but we can teach you about mindfulness, help you sleep better, get a handle on your rage or other wayward emotions.  The app can help you manage your stress and anxiety, increasing your performance at work or at play, boost your overall happiness and wellbeing.

For any occasion – All you need is around 10 minutes to take a meditation lesson, and with over 50 to choose from on launch (and many more still to come); we aim to have a meditation for every guy, no matter who you are or what your goal is.


What makes Mind Mechanic different from the other meditation apps on the market?

No pan pipes or whale songs – No need to get your chakras in a twist, this is the nuts and bolts of meditation apps.     All lessons are in straightforward language, and have a scientific objective you can achieve.

Written by guys, for guys – It couldn’t be any more masculine if we made this app from bits of wood and metal we found in a shed.   Not only are the lessons structured in a way men can relate to, but we tackle subjects specific to men, and the stigma attached to mental wellbeing

360 video content – Men are usually visually orientated, so this app gives you an alternative to closing your eyes and going to your safe space.  You can pick a wide range of 360 degree videos to lose yourself in.   No extra equipment needed, but you can also use Google Cardbard goggles for complete 3D immersion, and to look like a lunatic on the train to work.


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