Designed for busy women and men, who can’t find the time to meditate

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  • Online or In-Person
  • $375 for Private Online Four-Week Course

10 Minutes a day

10 Minutes of Meditation a day - for those that haven’t got hours and hours to meditate due to their busy schedules

increase your happiness

Mindfulness Meditation is proven to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Pain

acheive more

Mindfulness Meditation is proven to Increase Focus, Concentration and Wellbeing

calm your mind

Break through the Noise and constant chatter that blocks your enjoyment of Life and holds you back from your Goals

  • The Wild Mind Program is a scientifically-backed course designed to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain, and to increase focus, concentration and wellbeing.
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was developed in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical School by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn. The MBSR program is currently offered in over 200 medical centres, hospitals, and clinics worldwide, and is the foundation for the Wild Mind Program.
  • MBSR is the most widely researched form of meditation and is considered to be the secular gold-standard in mindfulness training. The Wild Mind Program is an adaptation of MBSR, and has been designed specifically for the busy individual to learn to meditate in a short amount of time (Ten minutes per day).
  • Studies have shown that Mindfulness training will reduce your stress levels, increase your ability to relax, strengthen focus, calm and mental flexibility, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve your performance at work, help you manage difficult emotions like anger and panic, improve the length and quality of sleep, and much more.
  • A recent study has shown that meditating for only ten minutes a day for four weeks, IF DONE CORRECTLY, can significantly improve positive emotions, reduce stress, increase self-compassion and strengthen focus and concentration. The Wild Mind Program will teach you to meditate in the correct way to guarantee results.

Your Instructor

Chibs is a Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher. His mission is to bring meditation to everyday Australians, using language and methods that are simple, straightforward, and relatable, to help individuals gain control of their minds rather than letting their minds control them.

He works with high-achieving individuals and teams to boost productivity, focus and creativity, allowing them to operate at their best, for longer, while improving their mood. He also works with men and women who are suffering from stress, burnout, anxiety and depression, to improve their health and get some balance back into their lives.

His approach to mindfulness is scientifically-backed. He received his accreditation from the Centre for Mindfulness at The University of Massachusetts Medical School after a rigorous training process.

As founder and CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses and the lifestyle that came with it, he wasn’t happy. In fact, he was sick, stressed and occasionally suicidal, typically avoiding uncomfortable feelings with addictive behaviours.

Mindfulness meditation delivered clarity and insight into his world. It strengthened his resilience through times of uncertainty and intense pressure, breaking the cycle of depression and anxiety.

What Past Course Participants Have Said

In a recent anonymous survey, 100% of respondents rated the course “excellent” or “very good”, and 100% of respondents would recommend the course to others. They were also asked what they liked about the course:

  • I loved the presentation and explanation of the course material, it really resonated with me. The structure and pace were just right to slowly introduce new concepts.”
  • Chibs as a facilitator, the structure, the included resources such as the booklet and the audio meditations, the opportunity to ask questions between sessions, the variation in class content.”
  • The mindful strategies and clear explanations."
  • I enjoyed how natural it was. You knew your stuff and were able to communicate it without preaching... Also really enjoy how you combine the scientific aspects. Resonated with me.”


Here are some of the reviews for your instructor. More reviews can be found on the Wild Mind Meditation Facebook Page.

I found to be Chibs a true professional who is clearly passionate about his work and is committed to improving the wellbeing of his clients. His style and techniques are both highly empirical and evidenced-based but he is also very genuine, nurturing and down to earth.
A. Della Mura (Sydney)
Chibs’s casual and logical approach to meditation makes it easier for me to practice mindfulness. Often meditation can be a confusing and abstract concept, making it difficult for me to connect to a technique or enjoy the practice. Through discussing the concepts and effects of a mindfulness practice, I was able to implement meditation into my life quite easily. I can’t recommend chibs enough​
S. Riglesford (Sydney)
Chibs has a natural way of helping one into a deep state of relaxation with mindfulness. I highly recommend trying this type of meditation it has such a positive outcome
N. Mountford (Sydney)
Chibs is an excellent teacher, his strong presence and calming nature made it easy to relax, control my breathing and concentrate on the moment. Being a firefighter these are essential skills that I need to maintain and develop.
C. Abili (London)
Working in high-stress environments was leaving me drained every week. These classes help put everything in perspective and allow me to operate at a higher level AND feel good while I’m doing it. Highly recommended for anyone who.... well for anyone!
c. james (Sydney)
All of us were held in a sacred, loving, gentle space, a space I honestly have not been held in by a man before with this pure heart energy in meditation... I felt something had shifted, I felt more in my heart, less in my 'worried mind'. I felt that feeling when I was young and everything was ok, I was in the moment, and I was simply happy to be alive, like when your with your family on holidays or when your in nature, you suddenly connect to something bigger than your 'mind chatter', a type of coming home to the peace inside
a. hannigan (Sydney)

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