The Mindfulness is Not the Only Way Podcast

Chibs Okereke’s journey from successful CEO to Mindfulness Coach included a private struggle with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. Mindfulness was the hero of his story, yet Mindfulness is not the only way to Wellbeing and Mental Health success. Chibs shares inspiring stories examines techniques and explores synergies with leaders and experts in the field of Wellbeing and Mental Health.

Episode #2 – Geoff Jowett – Mindset and Mindfulness – 28th October 2019

Geoff Jowett is a High-Performance Mindset Coach. He coaches, speaks, and mentors others on how to avoid the trappings of success and build a happy, purpose-driven life with meaning. Through ego and addiction, the wheels fell off his life. However, he says it was the best thing that ever happened and he was finally taught the valuable lessons he needed to build a quality life and be a better human.


2:02 – Geoff’s story. From broken to whole. Wanting to be seen.
6:35 – Striving and Ego.
10:22 – Mindfulness and Mindset. Process not outcome.
19:47 – Do we need to hit rock bottom to learn?
23:56 – Authenticity.
34:23 – Striving and delusion.
39:37 – Saying no to anything that isn’t in alignment.

Episode #1 – Tara Hurster – Addiction and Mindfulness – 20th October 2019

I am joined by Tara Hurster, a psychologist with almost ten years in the field of addictions and substance abuse. Founder of the TARA Clinic, Tara is working to disrupt the way that society views addiction, seeks out addiction support, and engages in addiction treatment.


1.28 – Making Addiction Treatment sexy again!
5.55 – Why is Addiction in the shadows?
7.50 – 12-Steps isn’t right for everyone. What other options are there?
13.15 – We all see the world differently. Therapist as a translator.
17.00 – S.M.A.R.T. Training (Self-Management And Recovery Training)
21.30 – Different Therapeutic styles – DBT, CBT, ACT & Narrative Therapy.
24.30 – Why is Addiction growing in this day and age? Are addictions just bad habits?
32.30 – Addiction works?!


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