Vagus Nerve Stimulation Meditation

Supercharged Meditation:

– Reduces your anxiety and stress in under 11 minutes
– Improves quality and duration of your sleep
– Sharpens your focus and decreases overthinking
– Boosts your immune system and protects against viruses
– Increases your clarity and creativity
– Enhances your gut health and reduces bloating

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You Should Always Feel This Good

  • Who should do it? – Anyone who has trouble sleeping; is stressed or burnt out; suffers from anxiety or low mood; has difficulty concentrating (brain fog), focusing or overthinking; has digestive issues (bloating, diarrhea); has a weak immune system (frequent colds, flus, etc); suffers from pain or inflammation; is chronically tired.
  • What is it? – A Supercharged Meditation session includes Vagus Nerve stimulation, guided meditation, and gentle breathing exercises.
  • How does it work? – We will fasten a device to your ears that stimulates your Vagus Nerve by sending a small electrical current through your Vagus Nerve. 
  • What is the Vagus Nerve? – The Vagus Nerve is the nerve that sends messages from your brain to your organs (heart, lungs, intestines, stomach), and from your organs to your brain.
  • Why are we doing it? – Stimulating the Vagus Nerve regulates your heart rhythm, slows down breathing and reduces cortisol production, creating a state of deep relaxation.
  • How will I benefit? – This procedure will soothe your nervous system, reduce anxiety, stimulate digestion, switch on your immune system, enhance your clarity and rehabilitate the damage that stress has done to your body. It will also increase your energy and focus, heighten your mood, and improve your resilience to stress, leading to enhanced relationships and interactions.
  • How often do I need to do it? – One session will give you clinically proven benefits that will last for days. After 4-sessions most people will find that there is a permanent improvement to the tone of their Vagus Nerve and the health and performance benefits should last for months.
  • How much does it cost? – Your first session is half price at only $23.50.

What are people saying?

"It was unbelievable. I was able to enter this state of relaxation immediately and maintain a sense of bliss and stillness for the entire session, Chibs’s voice was so angelic, guiding you through the meditation. I recommend that everyone should do it."
Dani Smith
"My energy levels have increased tenfold. I’m sleeping better, my mind has actually settled, I am so much calmer, and I’m not letting my thoughts control me anymore."
Peta Ryan
"[After the session] I was doing a presentation for Uni, and I felt really channelled and focused. I’ve done lots of public speaking, but it’s almost as though all my experience is sort of leading to that one moment. It was incredible."
"You can feel the good energy flowing through the room. You have Chibs’s calming voice that puts you into such a relaxed state. It’s really helped me with my focus. I’ve been able to make some great life choices - just by clearing my head. Better sleep, feeling less anxious about work... It’s seriously something that everyone should try."
Matthew Grant
"I’m better at responding to stressful situations, and it takes a lot more to get me wound up. My sleep quality is improved, and my gut and energy levels have improved as well. I love the classes, and I find them very relaxing. They put me in a calm but alert state, and I do very much like that compared to my normal chaotic state!”
Jesse Tigre
"After my second session, I had heaps of energy and focus when it came to getting things done, especially things I’d been procrastinating on. I’m a single parent, my fight or flight response was way down dealing with the kids, and I was more in the flow when I was organising them and getting places."
Sarah Horrigan
"I’ve never felt so able to deal with stress in such a measured and rational way, and my thought processes are far more positive. I think you see the effects gradually, and it’s something you need to keep going with. But honestly, [Supercharged Meditation] has really changed my attitude towards my anxiety, which I’ve suffered with for most of my life. I’m never going to stop this Vagus Nerve Stimulation, it’s awesome."
"My sleep patterns have got so much better. I’m sleeping sounder, and when I’m waking up during the night, I’m able to get back to sleep. That’s a huge improvement. I’ve done two sessions in a row and going into my third session."
If you’re finding yourself distressed [from lockdown], if that distress is taking away your sleep, or if you’re fighting inflammation or you’re really reactive, or anxious, especially the not being able to sleep, feeling like you’re on high alert or jittery - that’s a sign that the vagus nerve has been damaged by the chronic stress that we’ve all been under… I found the vagus nerve stimulation super helpful in getting my sleep back, my digestion’s improved, keep inflammation down - as someone who also has autoimmune condition (celiac) my body goes into inflammation really easily, so having something to take that down is really helpful. And I definitely prefer clipping something to my ears and listen to mindfulness meditation than jump into an ice bath. Actually, I don’t mind an ice bath, but relaxing on a yoga mat is a much more chill way to deal with it!”
Kristen Marconi
"I always leave a Supercharged Meditation class feeling lighter, yet more grounded, and with a renewed sense of calm and balance. This feeling continues for days and is even more prominent when sessions are closer together, such as two in a week. I experience improved sleep, a more positive mood and overall, I'm more resilient to stress. Chibs creates a lovely space and classes often feel transformative as the guided meditation takes you on a blissful journey away from the stresses of daily life. For me, supercharged meditation seems to hit the reset button for the week. I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking more peace and balance in their lives."
Kathy Tricolas

What Do I Need To Know?

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Before the class many participants report feelings of anxiety and stress, difficulty sleeping, negative thinking, trouble switching off and relaxing, or bloating and other gut problems.

During the class, most people find themselves in a deep state of relaxation within 10 minutes. Many report feelings of powerful or blissful sensations, and a sense that they are at the border of sleep and wakefulness. Most people are able to switch off their mind, and if the mind remained busy, the thoughts were pleasant, easily managed, and it was easy to come back to the meditation.



In the days after the class, most participants reported one or more of the following: less anxiety; longer and better quality of sleep; enhanced ability to deal with stressful situations; more positive thinking; less overthinking; improved focus; better digestion; and improved interactions with children, partners and co-workers.

You can’t do “too much” Supercharged Meditation, but how many sessions is enough? After your first session, you should expect the benefits of the treatment to last 2 to 3 days. Further sessions will increase the duration of the benefits since with each session the tone and strength of your Vagus Nerve will improve. For the average person, 4 sessions should be enough to get the Vagus Nerve to its optimal tone, and then we suggest you come to a session once every three months.

No! Unless you prefer to. We will supply you with blankets, mats, cushions and bolsters unless told otherwise.

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, and it is the most important system in your body. It coordinates and regulates all the communication and processes within your body, as well as helping you adjust to an ever-changing environment.

Some of the unconscious processes the nervous system controls are digestion, the immune system, heart rate, blood pressure, coordination and balance, pain reflexes, and sweating.

Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ of your body. As a result, it manages and regulates how your body functions.

The nervous system is in a sympathetic state (fight-or-flight), or it’s in a parasympathetic state (rest and digest). It cannot be in both at the same time.

‘Fight-or-flight’ is an excellent way for the mind and body to deal with danger or threatening circumstances. When a threat is detected, the nervous system stimulates the adrenal glands releasing adrenaline and cortisol. Thereby increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate, tensing up your muscles, so you are ready to fight or run away from the danger.

In small doses, Fight-or-flight is also helpful in instances where you are under pressure to perform well. It motivates you to take action in work, school or sport, for example.

A healthy body should be in rest and digest for the vast majority of its day. When the parasympathetic nervous system is active, our heartbeat slows, and digestion and healing are enhanced. In addition, the immune system activates to fight and protect against disease. The job of the parasympathetic nervous system is to calm the body down and keep the vital functions stable.

When the body is in fight-or-flight, the rest and digest system switches off, which is why chronic stress is responsible for so many physiological and psychological illnesses.

Your Vagus Nerve is the largest and most important nerve in your body. It is the main parasympathetic nerve, and it regulates your parasympathetic nervous system. It carries messages to and from your brain, gut, heart, and other major muscles and organs.

The Vagus Nerve plays a crucial role in determining your psychological and emotional states. From anxiety and depression to migraines and back pain, many common psychological and physical symptoms indicate that the Vagus Nerve is not functioning correctly.

Common issues like inflammation, stress, or physical trauma can interfere with the Vagus Nerve’s ability to function. Fortunately, Supercharged Meditation is a quick-and-easy way to activate and exercise the Vagus Nerve, strengthening its function and restoring your body to good health. This class will help you unlock the power of the Vagus Nerve to heal your body and get back to a state of balance.

Stress prevents digestion, causes inflammation, prevents healing, hinders recovery after exercise, stops the processing of grief and trauma, dysregulates hormones, increases pain, and causes poor sleep. In addition, stress causes reflux, raises blood pressure, increases brain fog, leads to addictions, affects relationships, causes sexual dysfunction and infertility, and weakens the immune system.

Stress makes us feel anxious, depressed, emotionally reactive, angry, overwhelmed, ashamed, worried, and a whole host of negative emotions.

  • Improved Gut Health
  • Increased Vagal Tone
  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • Improved gut permeability
  • Improved cortisol regulation
  • Decreased depression
  • Less anxiety
  • Better memory
  • Increased divergent thinking
  • Greater ability to get into stage 3 and 4 REM cycles
  • Decreased allergy responses
  • Improved inflammatory regulation
  • Increased neuroplasticity
  • Faster brain signals
  • Less dependent on drugs and alcohol
  • Increased motivation
  • Rehabilitation after stroke, TBI and other brain-related injuries
  • Healthier mind
  • Calmer, happier, relaxed and more confident
  • Greater emotional stability
  • Increased performance at work, school, sport
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Better sleep
  • Healthier body
  • Less reliance on addictive behaviours
  • More self-worth
  • Higher self-esteem
  • More time to do the things you love
  • Able to pay more attention to the things you love
  • Better focus
  • More engaged in life

For those of us that have done damage to our nervous system through trauma, stress, or illness, our body will be in a chronic state of fight-or-flight. In this state, the world will seem unsafe, and we will have a general feeling of uneasiness. Our minds will overthink, and we will ruminate about problems from the past and problems that haven’t happened yet.

When our body is in fight-or-flight, the nervous system behaves as though there is physical danger in the environment.

If you truly are in danger, the last thing your body wants to do is close your eyes – because you won’t see the threats coming your way. Therefore the nervous system does all it can do to encourage you to open your eyes.

Your mind will start racing, you will think about all the “threats” in your environment. Since there aren’t any immediate physical threats, your brain will scan for threats to your income, your self-worth, your ego, or your image.

You will think about bills, problems that might happen in the future, and everything that’s left on your to-do list!

You’ll ruminate over current relationships, past relationships, and you’ll remember every bad thing that’s happened to you in the past.

This “noise” will feel overwhelming to many of us, and the most common answer to a frantic mind is, “my mind is too busy to meditate, so I’m going to give up”.

The good news is, even without Supercharged Meditation, most people will be able to calm their nervous systems down with several weeks of daily mindfulness meditation practice. They need to persevere through the uncomfortable stage.

The even better news is that with Supercharged Meditation, the nervous system calms down in less than 11 minutes. This means we can accelerate the learning and healing process, diving straight into an extended meditation.



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