Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop

When – Saturday 9th November at 11.30 am

Where – Soul Flow Yoga, 51-53 Spring Street, Bondi Junction

Price – $35

Capacity – 15 spots 

Life in Sydney can often feel overwhelming. This unique workshop will allow you a well-deserved break, so you can transition from stressed and overwhelmed, to relaxed and focused.

Emily (Yoga) and Chibs (Mindfulness Meditation) will give you tools to help you deal with stress in your everyday life, including free guided meditation MP3s to access whenever you need them.

Stress damages the body and mind. It causes illness and affects concentration, performance, relationships, sleep and more.

Stress makes us feel anxious, sad, emotionally reactive, irritated and affects our self-esteem.

We only have one life, and Chibs and Emily believe that everyone deserves to experience that one life fully; not distracted, and not on autopilot surrounded by a cloud of stress.

Meditation and Mindful Yoga are tools that will help to move you away from stress and towards relaxation and focus.

Your Teachers

Emily and Chibs understand what it feels like to be stressed and overwhelmed; they’ve been there. There have been moments where life has felt hard, and that no-one understands (or cares) what they’re going through. They, too, have suffered in silence and carried on regardless.

Luckily for them, they have been given tools to deal with that stress and overwhelm, and they are now sharing those tools with you.

chibs okereke meditation teacher

Chibs Okereke

meditation coach

Chibs received his Mindfulness Meditation teaching accreditation from The University of Massachusetts Medical School. The Stress-Reduction curriculum he teaches has over four decades of scientific research behind it. He is a regular speaker and contributor at Wellbeing at Work Events. In addition to his meditation and stress-reduction courses, he teaches Mindfulness and Stress-reduction techniques to organisations, CEOs and Founders.

Emily Rogers

yoga teacher

Emily began her career in movement as a professional dancer in London. For the last five years, she has been teaching yoga, barre and Mat Pilates at many top studios in Sydney. She currently teaches at Body Mind Life, Body Love Pilates and Barrebody and regularly teaches corporate and private classes on request. Emily has a profound understanding of the body and a passion for graceful, and ultimately mindful, movement.

What do you need to do?
    1. Book the workshop

    2. Turn up to the Studio wearing loose-fitting clothes or activewear

    3. Follow the simple instructions from Emily and Chibs

    4. Leave 90 minutes later feeling relaxed, energised and focused

After the Workshop
    • Healthier body and mind

    • Less distracted throughout the rest of your weekend

    • Reduced stress and better able to recognise feelings of overwhelm and anxiety

    • Less emotionally reactive

    • Knowledge on how physical poses can assist with stress and emotional reactivity

    • Free meditations that you can access in times of stress and overwhelm

    • Better sleep

    • Higher self-worth and self-esteem

    • More engaged in everyday life


The practices in this course are not weak or wishy-washy. We practise directing our strength and resolve in ways that serve us. We practise letting go of the habits that hold us back.


Join us

With the silly season approaching, don’t allow another stressful, hectic weekend to fly by without relaxation and recuperation.

Join Emily and Chibs and let them guide you through a combination of movement meditation and stillness practice – 90 mins dedicated to solely giving back to YOU! They’ll have you cruising through the weekend with a smile on your face.

When you step into a pose in yoga, that step requires undivided attention, precision and poise. The physical asana or any movement practice can be described as a movement meditation. That meditative state, when repeated and understood, can build strength in the physical body as well as the mind. During the movement component of this workshop, we will explore the possibilities of connecting a mindfulness practice with physical postures to leave you feeling more centred and in tune with your body.

Emily Rogers

Yoga Teacher

I’m on a mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of everyday Australians living in a stressful world that can often feel overwhelming. Why am I on this mission? First of all, when I help others, it makes me feel good. Secondly, when I am compassionate to others, I treat myself more kindly. Also, each time I help my clients overcome their mental health and wellbeing challenges, the more insight I get into my own. It’s good for me, and it’s good for the world. I use techniques that are straightforward, relatable and scientifically-backed, to take individuals and organisations from stressed and overwhelmed, to relaxed and focused.

Chibs Okereke

meditation coach


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